Time for a fresh start on our Borough Plan Working party

Nuneaton’s first green councillor is calling for a fresh start on the Borough plan working party. The existing working party did not have the public’s confidence as it excluded the one councillor who was most interested to take part. A fresh start must begin with an open invitation to all councillors to take part. The public and other members should have access to the agenda and minutes of each meeting. As much as possible should be made public.

I hope the working party can come up with a representative range of options for the public to discuss at a consultation. If that is not possible I will work with all interested groups to come up with an alternative option or options to put forward at the same time as any single option consultation from the Labour Group.

I have formally requested a place on the working party should a place become available. I know this whole mess has been due to Labour not wanting me to attend the meetings.

What ever happens I am going to make sure the public gets a proper consultation with proper options.  If necessary, I will even run an independent consultation to present to the planning inspector.