Borough Plan pulled from cabinet meeting on 13th March

The Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough plan should be the road map to how our borough is improved over the years to 2028. Sadly it is being developed in great secrecy (apart from the leaked maps in 2012). Targets will lead to the build on most of the land between St Nicolas Park and the A5. The consultation was original due in October 2010.

The consultation details should have gone to the Cabinet meeting on the 13th March 2013. At the last moment the item was pulled. I suspect this is connected to NBBC trashing the Coventry City Plan at their inquiry.

2 faced Tories

On October 18th the Tories announced they where withdrawing from the Borough plan working group – there website states “Conservatives Refuse to continue with ‘Whipped’ Working Group”.  Sadly in private they have continues to be members of the working group but just send apologies for not attending meetings. This is the worst of all options. Sadly Des O’Brien, the Leader of Tory group keeps supporting Labours targets in planning meetings.