2013 consultations press release

Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council are currently running a consultation into their “preferred options” for our Borough Plan. I do not believe the process has been fair, honest or democratic. The official consultation is very difficult and fails to give the public an easy way to comment on the scale and location of development.

Please take part in this independent consultation, which will be submitted, to the council as part of the process.


The Borough council consultation page is at:-



and their documents are at:-



Below is my press release about the consultations

At 11AM on Monday 8th July Cllr Keith Kondakor started his own independent Consultation on the Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Plan. The aim is to give the public an open, accessible and transparent method to comment on the Bedworth and Nuneaton Labour Party “preferred options” documents.

People can take part at


It should be accessible from any computer, tablet or smart phone web browser. The intention is to also produce paper versions for each locality.

Cllr Kondakor states that “it took the council four years to publish the outcome of the 2009 “issues and options” consultation on our Borough’s plan. It is clear that the public views from 2009 have been ignored in producing this 2013 consultation. The 2013 consultation seems to have been designed to be as difficult for the public as possible. Even those with computers have to email a separate Microsoft document to the planning policy team for their answer to each question.”

“My fear is that all the replies to the councils consultation will be hidden in a filing cabinet for the next year and only looked at after the next draft on the Borough plan has been produced ”.


  • The councils 44 consultation questions are sprinkled though a £12 document that is not available for purchase at the road shows.
  •  The shorter free document is only available at road shows and contains no questions or guidance on commenting.
  •  The councils consultation does not have explicit questions on each site allocated.
  •  Results of the 2009 consultation where published in May 2013.