2012 Leaked Housing Maps

Nuneaton and Bedworth Labour cabinet policy is to build 7,900 homes on much of our countryside. The local Tories initially supported this growth in the closed borough plan working group meetings. The council is extremely keen to keep the details secret until after the local elections. In July they will consult on the sites but not the housing target. Coventry are planning 1/3rd this level of housing and consulting now.

The maps of potential sites have been leaked. The best way to stop this madness is a big green vote in the local elections. The leader of the Tory group seems pro-development and none is planned in his ward!

See the maps and get angry – they will not move on the 7900 but just want communites to fight over who gets them.

9 sites9 sites

from north 2 south

area 1


area 2

area 3

area 4

area 5

area 6

area 7

area 8

area 9