This website is to provide information about the  unrealistic and dishonest Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough plan which is expected to be consulted on in February and early March 2017.

This is the fourth consultation in the eleven year process which has so far produced ever more crazy  plans for my borough.  The process has been secretive, dishonest, out of touch with reality and dogged with political games.  The evidence and trends are clear – we need to build around 300 homes a year for the boroughs population, that is roughly 6,000 over the 20 year period. This is under half the 13,374 proposed in the latest version of the plan.

The consultation will be approved at the Cabinet meeting on 25th January at 6PM.

The paperwork for the cabinet meeting shows the main plan in appendix A
Cabinet papers

Background “evidence” is being uploaded slowly.

This site contains details of the 2017 version of the plan alongside responses to 2013 & 2015 consultations.

Keith Kondakor
Campaigner and local county councillor for Weddington