latest email – only labour & Tories matter!

This is the latest email from Cllr Aldlington. Their system shuts out small parties.


 Currently there are no vacancies on the BPWP, I have asked the Tories to
 reconsider their position (they have yet to respond).
 The recipients of your emails are not the people who can grant you a
 place on the party; you will need to speak to the respective groups
 (i.e. the current administration Labour group and the opposition
 Conservative group) who make up the working party. The Labour group
 currently fill all their allocated positions. If the Tories decide to
 stay on they also have the requisite number on the working party.
 It will be for groups to decide should they want to give up one of those
 places for you, not officers, or indeed me.
 Your email below is mis-leading. I did not say it would be allowed for
 you to join the working party, what I actually said was that if the
 Tories wanted you on then they could give up one of their positions, but
 that is their call.
 Constantly bombarding officers with demanding emails is also
 Cllr. D Aldington