Tories pull out of secret meetings

This weekend the Coventry Telegraph report that the Tories are pulling out of the secret Borough plan working group meetings.

Nuneaton/Coventry Telegraph story

TORY councillors in Nuneaton have resigned “under protest” from a working party set up to formulate the new Local Plan.
The three opposition members are annoyed over the way discussions to shape the future of the borough for the next 17 years are being held behind closed doors. ….
“In response to concerns from residents, we called for the working party to lift its veil of secrecy and to let the public consult on a number of options for the plan, which will decide where approximately 8,000 new homes will be built in the coming years.” …
Keith Kondakor, the only Green Party representative on the council, has been leading a campaign to open up working party meetings. He said: “Why should talks about such a vitally important document be such a secret?” …

When we had the Weddington public inquiry the Tories taking part in the Working Party made the inspector give lots of “Weight” to the housing target. Then the working party was 4 Labour and two Tories. Quite often only one Tory turned up to working party. The current working party is 6 Labour and 2 Tories. While they are inside the secret meetings the Tories are going to possibly stitch us up and blame it on being out numbered afterwards.

Things had to get worse before they could get better. We need to get the targets revised, this was not going to happen under the existing arrangement. It is possible that a deal will be done to restart the working party in a more open way. If not the opposition parties could bring forward an alternative options for the borough plan to go to the same consultation. The Tories need to be asked to work with others on an alternative option for Borough plan to put out for the consultation if Labour refuse to open up the borough plan working group meetings.

update now also in Nuneaton News