Top Farm

The Top Farm Planning application was going to committee on Tuesday 3rd of May but this has now been cancelled. In a shocking development, seven out of the eight Conservative members of the planning committee have become mysteriously unavailable for the meeting on 3rd May. This means the meeting has been cancelled as the rules require 5 councillors to take part and Conservatives would only supply one from their group of 25. This type of bizarre short notice cancellation due to lack of councillors has never happened before at NBBC. It is now likely to go to the meeting planned for 24th May.

Up to 2 people can speak for 3 minutes at the meeting opposing the application and 2 can speak in support at the meeting which will start at 6PM. People need to register to speak with the planning department ( or Planning Contact Team on 02476 37 6328).
I also encourage as many people as possible to attend the public planning meeting as this can have a big impact on the committee.

People can legally send in written responds to the planning officers report and should quote application Ref No. 035279.

You can view the officers report online at

and look up all the background documents on the council search planning application link using number 035279

facebook group about the application

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