Right homes in the right places

On the 14th September the Government launched a consultation on local housing targets called  “Right homes in the right places”.

The Government calculated figure for Nuneaton and Bedworth under these proposals is for 420 homes a year between 2016 and 2026. This is considerably better than the council’s crazy proposals for 702 each year  plus making up for not building 702 each year between 2011 & 2017.


They are just proposals out to consultation at the moment and the do generate a crazy figure for Coventry that would need changing. There are serious errors in the estimates and forecasts for Coventry population due to the flow of international migrants and students. These are people  getting count in but only partly counted out, often many years after they have left.

We could have a far better plan if we were to restart or rewind the process to base it on 420 homes a year from 2016 to 2031. There would need a debate on taking homes from Coventry but this should be a evidenced based figure for the very end of the plan.

I will be looking at how best to respond to consultation and getting the Borough Council to restart its plan from better baseline.